5 Easy DIY Holiday Decorations That Look Store-Bought

Christmas WreathIn terms of holiday decorating, the possibilities are legitimately endless. Seriously, when this time of year rolls around, who doesn't want to channel their inner Martha Stewart and throw down some cheer around the house?

Yes, I wish I had the funds to splurge on adorable centerpieces, napkin rings, plates, wreaths, the whole nine yards. The reality of it all, though, is that festive doodads, well, they cost a lot of money. Money that I should be spending on that new mandoline slicer my dad's been hinting he wants for Christmas.

So what's a wannabee holiday decorationista to do? Duh, make her own fun. Trust me, just because you're making it yourself doesn't mean it has to look cheap. Check out these 5 DIY holiday decor ideas that won't break the bank:


1. Hang up your Christmas cards: This is probably about as easy and cheap as they come. Turn the awesome Christmas cards from your friends and family into simple decor by putting them on display. String them together and drape them over your pantry, put them onto a cork board, or even make a cute Christmas card wreath. The possibilities are endless!

2. Frame wrapping paper: Pick your favorite gift wrap, slice a piece, and put it into a frame. Then, choose a few other patterns and slip those into frames, too. Soon you'll have a festive collage of frames that you can choose to display on your mantel or hang.

3. Spray paint ornaments: Ornaments can be super cheap if you buy them at bargain or dollar stores. Snag a few dozen in different shapes and sizes, then spray paint them in golds, silvers, and reds. Allow your ornaments time to dry and then place them in a large clear vase. Hello instant centerpiece!

4. Make and hang your own stockings: Big red stockings are so ... predictable. Snag some holiday fabric from your local craft store and spend an afternoon making them yourself. This is something the kids will ADORE!

5. DIY wreath: I'm obsessed with these yarn wreaths from Better Homes and Gardens. With a few cheap materials, you can make a great door decoration that you can use from year to year and will last.

How do you decorate your house for the holidays? Do you hate how expensive it gets?


Image via Chris_J/Flickr

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