8 Mouthwateringly Adorable Baby Animals to Make Your Week Fly (PHOTOS)

woodchuckWednesday is a bummer of a day. Two days past Monday and still two days from Friday. With that in mind, how about a slideshow of eight ridiculously adorable baby animals to brighten your mid-week slump?

Seriously, if a baby woodchuck can't make you smile, then you are probably dead inside. What is cuter than that?

So happy Wednesday, and with no further ado, here are eight of the most lusciously adorable baby animals you will ever have the pleasure to see. Try not to squeal so loud you disturb your co-workers. See below:

Image via eva8*/Flickr

  • Baby Woodchuck


    Image via eva8*/Flickr

    This guy could just make your heart melt, no? I have no idea what a woodchuck does, but he had me at hello.

  • Baby Lions


    Image via floridapfe/Flickr

    If you have seen The Lion King, then you know there is NOTHING cuter than a baby lion. So how about three? Melt.

  • Baby Panda


    Image via gunterstwins/Flickr

    SQUEAL. Seriously. I can't even think this baby is so cute.

  • Baby Ducklings


    Image via Dave Stokes/Flickr

    Fluffy. Baby. Ducklings. Oh. My. GAWD.


  • Baby Squirrel


    Image via audreyjm529/Flickr


    Squish! They just keep getting more adorable. Seriously. I think I have a toothache from the sweetness.

  • Opossum O-Dorable


    Image via kthypryn/Flickr

    Generally I think opossums are gross animals, but this one could steal my heart. It eats from a bottle. This is enough to make me want him as a pet.

  • Baby Primate


    Image via Dean Croshere/Flickr

    THOSE EYES! So expressive. Sigh. She or he looks just like a human baby.

  • Precious Puppy


    Image via leoncillo sabino/Flickr


    Could this puppy POSSIBLY be any sweeter? Good lord, people. It SLEEPS IN YOUR HAND. It's too much. Kill me now.


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