'Gangnam Style' Christmas Lights Display Will Get You Excited for the Holidays (VIDEO)

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christmas lights houseA couple of years ago there was the Christmas lights display set to Slayer, but this year it's all about Psy and 'Gangnam Style' -- at least it is for this house just outside of Austin, Texas.

Though he's new to the neighborhood, John Storms wasn't afraid of what his neighbors would think with his very flashy holiday cheer. Storms has become known for his incredible light displays set to music. And this one is just as awesome. Check it out ....

While very cool, I'd hate to be the people who live across the street. Alright ... I'd deal ... I'm no Scrooge. I'd just get blackout shade because there are more than 25,000 lights here! They are hooked up to a computer, perfectly timed to the song. Storms says it took two weekends to get the lights up, but the planning took months and months. It takes him up to three hours to program the song to the lights. Storms was quoted in the Examiner saying that the Chevy Chase character Clark Griswold from the Vacation movies is his hero. Makes perfect sense.

And yes, it's Christmas lights time ALREADY.

Wuppa Gangnam Style!

What do you think of the light display?


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Laura-Kathleen Redman

I especially love how he used the cactus to represent Psy.  Cute! :)

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

Very cool! But you have a point; I wouldn't want to be this persons neighbor...

Cynthia Parten

That is awesome. Maybe it's just me, but I would love to live in this guy's neighborhood.

the4m... the4mutts

Awesome! I would love to see it in person

Megan Johnson

Correction: It's actually Oppa Gangnam Style.  

Awesome light show though!  This man has more patience for thing sort of thing than I would ever. <3

nikki... nikkifam5

Lol, I love this . And id love to be his neighbor! My kids would sit at the window all night!

javak... javakitty2011

looks awesome. perfect to be someone else's neighbor lol


jrl90 jrl90

this was already done by someone else for halloween. The halloween display was much better, they have a video on youtube of it, which is probably where this guy copied it from.

nonmember avatar Gay

I love it.

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