7 Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Do Without A Nervous Breakdown

Amy Kuras | Nov 21, 2012 Home & Garden

ThanksgivingIt's crunch time, folks: the day before Thanksgiving. Hopefully you've got the turkey brining, anything made ahead you can make ahead, serving dishes set out, etc. Of course, there's more to a beautiful table than the food. A lovely centerpiece reflects the season and sets the tone for a celebration, but with everything else you have to do "easy" is the key. Here's seven that you can do today without entirely losing your mind.

Image via Mark Mrwizard/Flickr

  • Fall Harvest


    These white pumpkins are so cool and the white, green and purple color scheme is a nice change from all the earth tones prevalent at Thanksgiving. If you can't find plums, Granny Smith apples would look great.

  • Flowers Under Glass


    So unusual, so gorgeous, and it would not cost much and take five minutes to do. This would be a great way to show off heirloom glassware. 

  • Thankful Tree


    Image via Midwest Living

    Simple and earthy....and has the added benefit of providing an activity for your guests while you wait for the meal to be ready.

  • Pumpkin Vase


    You could find everything you need for this one on a quick trip to a fruit market or well-equipped grocery store, and it would be a great way to make a grocery-store bouquet look special.

  • Elegant Gourd Candleholders


    Another simply elegant way to use mini pumpkins and fall leaves. The tall white tapers are beautiful, and everyone looks good by candlelight.

  • Vintage Global Vibe


    Image via Midwest Living

    Okay, so you may not have an old globe hanging around, but if you do....this would work for Christmas as well, with pinecones and holly berries.

  • Spare and Simple


    Image via baked.good.

    These are amazing in their simplicty and beauty. If you're a glitzy type, you could spray paint the branches silver or gold, but they are lovely just as they are.

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