Getting Organized for 2013 (VIDEO)


This is a sponsored post by Chase Blueprint.

Ring in the New Year with an organized outlook and orderly house!  Together with expert organizer Peter Walsh, Chase Blueprint has some great tips for every family and every space to make organization a reality.

Whether you have a messy basement, a chaotic playroom, overflowing kitchen cabinets, or a less-than-peaceful bedroom, all it takes to get started is a vision of how you want things to be. From there, it's a matter of planning - including a simple budget - to help get the job done.  With Chase Blueprint, it’s easier than ever to budget smart and inspire the whole family to get organized. Even the kids can help!

Check out the video below to see how Peter helped this family turn their cluttered basement into a beautiful and useful family-friendly space. Then, watch the rest of the series here!

What room in your house needs an organizational overhaul? Do you have a dream plan for the space? Share it in the comments!  

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MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

My bedroom needs some some serious orginization

count... countrygirlkat

The kids' room needs some major organization help. I would love to have more shelves in there and a better closet.

dusky... dusky_rose

Oh gosh! Our whole house needs organizing. Right now I am removing clutter from our porch. Recycling what needs to be recycled, throwing stuff away and moving other stuff to the shed. I hope to have it done by next summer, but who knows, I live with 3 boys (2 of which claim to be men) that like to put stuff where it doesn't belong (namely any horizontal surface that they find). Let's just say that things are disappearing around here, because I'm sick of it.

4kidz916 4kidz916

My closet needs organizational help.

megle... meglennox

the boys playroom needs a serious overhal! plus our bedroom. 

Three... Threes.Company

My master closet needs and overhaul.

My kids' closets need overhauling.

My basement needs to be overhauled. 


Siste... Sisteract

We moved from a very lg home to a home less than half the size (my hubs was transferred, the kids were both off to college and the economy/housing market crashed)...I long for the storage space that we use to have. Plus before we lived in the country on 2 acres, and now our home is on a postage size lot in a beach town- the parking situation alone could put me over the edge on many days.

GwenMB GwenMB

My whole house could use an overhaul.  The office, my bedroom, the playroom, the storage area in the basement.

I'm planning a major garage sale next May.  That will really help get rid of things!

I would absolutely LOVE a craft room like the woman in the video gets!

RobynS RobynS

Ha! What room in my house DOESN'T need help. Peter... come to my house, PLEASE!!!

RobynS RobynS

I'm sorry, Peter, but some things HAVE to be done later... there are SO MANY THINGS, they can't possibly ALL be done NOW. I'm getting better, though, at not putting so many things off.

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