Guys Jump Into 'World's Biggest Pile of Leaves' & Make Us Want to Be Kids Again (VIDEO)

leavesWhat you're going to see in this video is unbe-leaf-able. I kid you not. It will make you look at all of those bothersome leaves littering your yard in a whole new, fantastic way.

In it a group of guys gather leaves -- LOTS of leaves. Their measurements don't sound too scientific, but they say it's about 66,000 leaves, culminating in 20,000 pounds of leaves. They deem it the World's Biggest Pile of Leaves, and I don't doubt it. They even rented a moving truck to transport them all to a house somewhere in Logan, Utah.

It's what they do afterwards that's truly incredible, however. Watch after the jump and be amazed.


Incredible, right? Besides looking insanely dangerous, it looks like so much fun, and it makes me want to join them desperately. You have to wonder what exactly made these guys think up this stunt, and why they'd put so much time and effort into it, but I'm glad they did because it makes me smile every time I watch it. My 9-year-old was ridiculously impressed when I showed it to him, but also sternly warned that jumping off a house is NEVER okay.

It does make me itch to go grab a rake and get at least a little pile of leaves together for some tamer jumps. Of course, the only problem with all of this fun is that cleanup is going to be hell.

What's the biggest pile of leaves you've ever raked?


Image via YouTube

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