Dads Race Against the Clock to See Who Can Cut Paper Leaves the Fastest (VIDEO)

Ah, school crafts projects. Gotta love 'em. Right? Somebody must love them. I don't necessarily know anyone who does, but they've got to be out there, amiright? Thanksgiving could mean your kid had a whole host of crafts projects he or she had to do -- and expected YOU to help. Or even do the thing entirely. And you said okay and did it even though your kid is supposed to just to shut them up. Right? Or is it just me?

In this latest episode of Mom vs. Man on CafeMom Studios, Bob and Tom, two dads out with their middle-school aged sons, try to cut out as many paper leaves as they can in 60 seconds. I know, I know. The anticipation is killing you. Let's take a gander, shall we?


Host Lauren O'Quinn calls the dads over for the paper leaf cutting contest. Poor schmucks probably thought there was money or beer involved. Bob (or was it Tom?) says his strategy is to cut up all of the easy leaves first, leaving the hardest for last. Tom (Bob?) doesn't seem to have much of a strategy. But he's got a paper-leaves cutting gleam in his eye that you really don't want to bet against, people.

This really gave me flashbacks to elementary school -- and how utterly grateful I am to be out of it. The countdown starts and Bob and Tom start cutting gleefully (or is it morosely and painfully?) away. I won't say much more because I know you'll be sitting on the edge of your chair, pumping your fist, hollering like your long-shot horse is coming in, and I don't want to spoil the outcome for you.

But let's just say it's soooooo worth it to watch, my friends. However, it looks like the dads could use a bit more practice with the safety scissors. Cause some of these leaves come out looking a bit more like -- mulch.

Do you help your kids with crafts projects?


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