Yolanda Foster Can Sprinkle Flower Petals, But a Good Hostess Lets Her Guests Talk

yolanda fosterI don't think I was the only one who, during last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, was in awe of Yolanda and David Foster's home. I would literally eat a box of hair to live in that breathtaking mansion. The open feel; the indoor/outdoor living concept; the infinity pool. Heaven. And I also don't think I'm the only one who was impressed with Yolanda's "hostessing" skills. Save for the fact that she had a team of 20 and didn't have to cook a single morsel of food, she really did pull together a nice party. Not sure she should be "Martha Stewart's daughter," as she said, but props to her for snipping her own flowers and sprinkling their petals like so on the table.

One dinner party etiquette Yolanda and her husband may want to brush up on, though, is not forcing their guests to sit around and watch them play piano and sing. If they wanted to go to a concert, the Hollywood Bowl is around the corner.

Of course many people would kill to sit around and drink wine and listen to the vocal stylings of some guy from American Idol, along with the trumpeting of Chris Botti, but it was the way Yolanda and David (more so David) went about the whole thing. I thought Taylor's behavior was incredibly annoying last night, but she's right: They're not making an album.

In case you didn't pick up on it, the Fosters are in looooooove with themselves. They love their lives; they love toasting to each other's awesomeness; and they love telling story after story after story about themselves. But dude. That's not cool. You can have the most gorgeous home in Southern California (which they very well may), and the most delicious food in the world. But if you don't make your guests feel welcome -- and, well, you're obnoxious -- your dinner parties are going to pretty much suck.

The best dinner parties I've ever been to are because of the company. I couldn't tell you what I ate, but I do remember laughing with friends 'til way past our bedtimes. And no one person dominated the conversation.

Not sure if Yolanda and David are overly concerned with their guests' feelings, as that party last night seemed to be more about them than anyone else, but if they are, here's a little tip: Give other people a chance to talk.

What do you think makes a good dinner party? What did you think of the Fosters' behavior last night?

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nonmember avatar lynda

I remenber david trying to have a reality show when he was married to linda thompson featuring the Brenner children..I think it was called Princes of Bel Aire. Don't care for Yolanda or David

Genie Simi Heldt

If Bravo ever decides to do a shake up of the RHOBH, I hope Taylor will be the first to go. I think she's needy, clingy and a pain in the a$$. I'm not that crazy about Yolanda either. I'd rather Camille came back.

Rose Marshall

i thought their behavior was shockingly boorish!!!!

Ruth Burlew Frank

Didn't Yolanda invite everyone to go home b/c it was her bedtime?   And, yes, Taylor had too much to drink & was acting strange!!!

Sherrian Fuson Francis

Tylor wouldn't know class if it was tottooed across her whole body. She obviously doesn't know who David Foster is or how he made his milliions. She's just an old worn out drunk who does nothing but make an ass out of herself everywhere she goes & Kyle backs her up. GET RID OF HER.

Barbara Schuima

I think a good hostess plays to her guests. I understand with the talent there that you didn't want it to turn into karaoke but it is rude to tell people to bacically shut up.  Beautiful house,lovely table but Taylor's dinner conversation was disgusting.I like Brandi......she tells it like it is but to your face.Taylor needs rehab and psycological commitment at the very least.Who is she to start rumors? I hope she is not on RHOBH NEXT SEASON...ENOUGH OF HER !!!!!!   Sad when Kim is the sane one !







Jodi Hodson

I think Yolanda did a good job listening. In fact, she probably should have interupted Taylor when she was embarrasing herself by bashing on Brandy (again). Of course we didn't see the edited parts either although the Fosters are a bit full of themselves. Taylor needs to get over Brandy- the jealousy shows loud and clear from that mouth of hers.

nonmember avatar Zazu

I cannot believe how rude Yolanda and David were. It was for sure the Mr. and Mrs. Foster show. Telling the guests not to sing or speak is as rude as it gets. A good host/hostess makes their guest part of the entire evening. Making your guests watch you play the piano and stare at your fourteen grammys isn't good manners.

Thewise Chopette

The flip-side question to this is what makes a good party guest? Clearly Taylor had too much to drink and her behavior got out of hand. That made her the bad guest. If she had not been a bad guest then Yolanda would not have had to speak up. Taylor deserved what she got because of her bad behavior as a guest. I find it shocking that people either gloss over the fact or forgive it and slam Yolanda for speaking up.

In the world of good/bad manners and good/bad host(ess)/guest, Yolanda had no choice but to speak up in order to provide a better atmosphere for the other guests that were behaving properly and wanted to listen to the music.

Erin Bennett Hulett

I disagree. It was refreshing to see a little class back in the show.I would kill to be invited to one of those cool parties, Taylor s the one who is self obsessed. What an annoying perrson!! I've really liked he newer houseives (i.e.Brandi and Yolana) Why can't we get rido Aidrienne and Kim and replace them with cool chcks?

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