Cable Company Makes Hurricane Sandy Victims Without Power Call for Their Refunds

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You gotta love cable companies. And by "gotta love" I mean "gotta loathe with every fiber of your being." Prices constantly go up despite the fact that you can never, EVER find anything good to watch. Time Warner started charging you or making you buy the very same modem you've owned all of these years. And now Cablevision gets the award for most heartless Scroogey cable company of the year. Why? Cablevision is refusing to automatically grant refunds to those who lost their power during Hurricane Sandy -- like Time Warner at least did. No, instead, they want those who are without cable (and probably their homes as well) to CALL them and ask for a refund. So let's see what this would look like for the average Sandy victim.

Cablevision says customers need to call and specifically request a refund with the exact dates they were without service. So, let's see, if you're a Sandy victim who is still without power, that means finding a power source, charging up that cellphone, and then calling Cablevision and waiting on hold for probably 15 or 20 minutes, depleting your power, and then debating with a customer service rep for another 15 or 20 minutes (because you know this won't go smoothly -- it never does) while your power depletes more, and doing all of this in either the freezing cold of your home or the relative noise and non-privacy of a shelter or your in-laws' home (if you're lucky).

Nice, Cablevision. As if Sandy victims don't have enough to worry about without filling out those FEMA forms, battling with their insurance companies, pumping out their storm-ravaged homes while wearing masks, finding a hot meal for the day, and trying to stay warm. Now they have to worry about getting a refund from you. You know very well what you're doing -- hoping those Sandy victims will be too busy, distracted, and beaten down to call and wait on hold forever.

At least one couple isn't taking this lying down, though. A Long Island couple is seeking class action status to sue Cablevision for their lack of automatic credits. You've got to hear the cable company's laughable defense: They actually claim if they did auto credits, it would "shortchange" customers. WHAT??!! You mean shortchange them of hassle, Cablevision?

There is nothing worse than corporations taking advantage of their loyal paying customers in times of devastation and stress. Unfortunately, Cablevision is not the only company I know who is doing this. But they are surely one of the worst.

What do you think of Cablevision's decision?


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Karma Grant

Time Warner did the same thing in my area (in NC) when a tornado came through in 2011. Destroyed a lot of the neighborhood but those that werent destroyed didn't have electricity for over a week and cable was out for over 3 weeks. Still had to contact them for the refund. I knew I'd have to though because that is actually their standard procedure, even in a short term outage (say 3 hrs).

the4m... the4mutts

If my cable company did that, I would just refuse to pay, cancel my service at MY earliest convenience, and let them take me to collections. I have no credit, no job, and am not married. What are they going to do? Take me to court where I embarass the hell out of them and reveal them for the bastards they are, while costing them lawyer money, and probably a counter-suit? Nah. Fuck them.

Claud... ClaudiaLynn

I loved in Florida and that's how it works. There are a lot of customers and ads far add the cable company knows, your electricity is on. It is your responsibility to call when the power goes back up and get your refund. That is how they spook work..cable, satellite, electricity, sewer. Besides you want to call to make sure they credit you the correct time. A I said happens in Florida all the time.

Claud... ClaudiaLynn

Sorry for spelling errors, on my phone...

Keshia Derr

wow...thats bad! i cannot stand time warner either! i wish someone would put them all out of business, if direct tv didnt need a cc card to join i'd be all over it!

jasmi... jasmine456

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