Taylor Swift's Stunning Mansion Near Kennedys Should Make for an Awkward Summer (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Nov 15, 2012 Home & Garden

Taylor Swift Cape Cod houseWell, it looks like Taylor Swift has finally closed the deal on the $4.8 million Cape Cod mansion she was originally said to have purchased this past summer -- when she was head-over-heels in love with (then) boyfriend, Conor Kennedy.

Because she's such a nice gal, and because Conor is still a teenager (!), it was probably kind of frowned upon for her to shack up with him at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, so it only makes sense that she went ahead and picked up her own pad right across the street.

But since the deal took so long to finalize, even though the house is now reportedly Taylor's -- what the heck is she supposed to do when she stays there now that she and Conor are no longer an item?

I'm guessing summers could get pretty awkward from here on out, but the good news is that this house is so quintessential Cape Cod that Taylor can probably still enjoy herself even if she never leaves the grounds of the house.

For starters, this place is pretty massive -- or at least it is for a 22-year-old single woman. It has 4,400 square feet, and includes seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also sits on a 1.1-acre lot, which is right on Nantucket Sound -- and it has its own private beach. (Whew! At least she can work on her tan without having to worry about Conor walking by.)

And many of the rooms of the house offer stunning ocean views, so at least she'll have some nice scenery while she's holed up inside on cloudy days.

Of course, there is a rumor going around that Taylor and Conor aren't really broken up and are merely "faking it" to appease his family -- so maybe there's a chance that come next summer, they'll have the perfect place to rekindle their flame in privacy. (Ethel Kennedy will really love that, I'm sure.)

Here are a few photos showcasing the quaint yet chic interior of Taylor's Cape Cod pad.

Wouldn't you love to spend your summers there, even with your ex-boyfriend right next door?


Images via Splash

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