Moms Spend 3 Years of Their Lives in the Kitchen But Maybe That's a Good Thing

kitchenMoms, ladies, women-folk, did you know you'll be spending about three years of your adult life in the kitchen? So says a new study. That's over eight hours a week preparing meals for your family. I know what you're thinking: Tell me something I don't already know. You're thinking this while you read this post on your smartphone while stirring that pot of chili while your hungry family pounds their forks and knives on the table.

But you know what? Chicken butt. I can think of worse places to spend three years of my life. I actually like being in the kitchen. It's where the FOOD is. The surprising thing about the study is that we're not just working our darn fingers to the bone the whole time we're there. We're also just hanging out, watching TV, or socializing. Really. In fact, I wonder if the kitchen is the woman's equivalent of the Man Cave?


Think about it -- if you want to escape the kids and the husband with his football games, where else would you go? The bathroom -- yeah, I know, Calgon take me away. But also there is the kitchen. You probably have some chairs there, a table, some good smells (hopefully), some tea or coffee, some cookies perhaps. Or some chicken wings.

It kind of makes me think maybe we should treat the kitchen as our Woman Cave and really make it comfortable -- the way a man would. Like, shouldn't there be an overstuffed chair with an ottoman that are both just perfect for your height? What about a flat-screen TV with Internet access, so you can watch your shows and look up a recipe at the same time?

Then again, if you made it too comfortable, men might want to start hanging out there, too. And they might start cooking more often, and doing the dishes. And ... hey, I think this Woman Cave idea is starting to look better and better.

If money were no object, how would you turn your kitchen into the ultimate mom hangout?


Image via TorreBarolo/Flickr

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