World's Smallest Dog Is Tinier Than a Coke Can & Cuter Than a Button (VIDEO)

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world's smallest dog

It was just back in March when I brought you the news that Beyonce, the world's smallest dog, was up for adoption but now, it would seem, Beyonce's got some seriously small competition. A tiny terrier from Poland named Meysi is almost half the size of Beyonce, and will likely soon be crowned the tiniest dog in the world. Meysi's owners almost threw her in the garbage thinking she was part of the after birth but thankfully, Meysi showed her little head, and the rest is the cutest little piece of puppy history on planet earth.

Honestly, I die.

How adorable is this??


Photo via barcroftmedia/YouTube



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nonmember avatar jen

"Teacup" dogs are often dogs that were born prematurely (induced by the breeder) and carry greatly increased health risks. They are prone to heart failure, dental problems, behavioral/temperamental problems and various other complications, many of which are causes of their relatively short lifespans. There's really nothing cute about that.

Robin Hartman

a dog that size would get broken in our house. i'd give him 2 days.

indig... indig0rose

Omg! So adorable! BTW I know plenty of breeders whose "teacup" variety comes from a genetic fluke. Either way the pup is adorable no matter his means of arrival.

jkm89 jkm89

I want, I want!!! Oh man, the snuggles and lovin' I'd give that little pup!

nonmember avatar Bianca

OH HOW CUTE!!!! I want one!! ^_^

tuffy... tuffymama

I wish people would stop breeding these poor things. Just like jen said, they have heaps of problems. Simple things like minor bumps can cause them to die horribly painful deaths, and there are numerous congenital defects to which they can be subject. Not cool!

Tammatha Brown

I think it is sad not cute, this is such the epitome of bad breeding & over breeding. Wish people would do the right responsible thing... rescue z& adopt from shelters & rescue groups & stop messing with doggie genetics. If the pup looked like placenta something is definately wrong.

Lynn Anderson

This dog is a 3 month old yorkie pup.. not an adult, its not uncommon for them to be this small at that age. Altho she will probably remain small, Chances are likely that she will outgrow the smallest dog title..

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