‘Perfect Burglar’ Breaks Into House, Then Cleans It

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vacuumThis one gives new meaning to the term "clean getaway."  An Ohio woman allegedly broke into someone's home and cleaned it up. But that's not the amazing part of the story.

Police say after Susan Warren, was finished with the chores -- which included vacuuming, dusting, taking out the trash, and washing dishes -- she left a bill for $75 on a napkin with her phone number on it.

The woman says she actually owns a cleaning company, but it appears the victims were not clients. Is it just me or is this the most considerate burglar I've ever heard of? She doesn't take anything and leaves your house spotless. Usually when you hear about a burglary, the place is trashed. Not this time.

Eerily, as the woman tidied up, the homeowner's 19-year-old daughter was asleep upstairs. Of course they were upset. But Warren complained that they were overreacting to her services. Apparently the woman, who pleased guilty to attempted-burglary charges, has done this kind of thing before and says it's no big deal. She even has a previous conviction for criminal trespassing.

She will be sentenced next month but I have to ask -- should she really serve a lot of time? Think about it. She comes into your house, leaves it spotless, then leaves a bill with information on how to contact her. I say maybe she needs psychiatric care more than jail time. That said, I certainly wouldn't want her or any other neat-freak burglar creeping into my house, but her so-called criminal behavior could have been much worse.

What kind of sentence do you think the "cleaning lady burglar" should get?



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Brats... Bratsmama9507

It's burglaring period. She wasn't askd to come to the house and clean. I think she should actually pull time for this crime. She's done it before and I think they should make an example outta her. You don't jus walk in someone's house and start cleaning and then leave a bill lol she needs to get a clue!!!

nonmember avatar Gretta

Uhm... Jail?

Nuagent Nuagent

"Pleased"? Was that the word that you meant to use?

Kevin Raposo

Wow, these stories crack me up! I recently stumbled onto an article that readers might get a chuckle out of:

Dumb, Dumber, or Just Stupid? The World’s Top 5 Dumbest Burglars

feel free to share or re-post!

Heidi Hodges

Trespassing and Breaking and Entering. It's not so much an opinion issue as it is the law.

Todd Vrancic

I definitely think she should serve time.

sukainah sukainah

Oh that's weird.  Well, she should get breaking and entering just like anyone else.

Miche... MichelleK41

I saw this on the news.

coppe... copperswifey

I think she maybe get a little bit of both. A little mental help and a little jail help to let her know she can't be breaking into people's houses. Plus what if she breaks into the wrong house and gets shot. They don't know she's coming in to clean their house.  She is putting herself in danger by doing it.

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