'Jersey Shore' House Being Destroyed May Be Sandy's Craziest Photo Hoax Yet

Jersey Shore houseUm, OMG. Wait for it ladies and gentlemen -- there is a rumor circulating that the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights may have been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. (Waaaa!) No, I'm not kidding -- there's a photo going around on Twitter showing a home that's been reduced to a pile of rubble, and it may or may not be the former party pad where the Jersey Shore cast spent their summers getting their gym, tan, and laundry on.

 And while chances are that this is nothing more than some sort of hoax, considering just how many crazy photos have turned up since "Frankenstorm" made its entrance onto the eastern seaboard yesterday -- there is always a remote possibility that the cast's old stomping grounds were indeed, washed out with the tide.


Honestly, it's not totally impossible to believe that the home was destroyed, especially considering the extent of the damage Hurricane Sandy left in her wake in New Jersey, particularly along the shoreline areas. (Seaside Heights REALLY took its fair share of the beating.) The storm's aftermath is nothing short of devastating, and it's tough to imagine how many people aren't even able to go home right now.

But if by some chance this photo does turn out to be real, and the infamous Jersey Shore pad is gone for good, you have to admit it's like the icing on the cake when it comes to this being the end of an era. Fans of the show are already pretty bummed about it being over forever, and being forced to accept that the house is gone too only adds to how much the whole crew is going to be missed.

(But the photo just HAS to be fake, right?)

Do you think there's any chance of this rumor being true?


Image via Splash

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