5 Fabulously Fun & Crafty Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall might just be my favorite season, in part because it's so fun to decorate for! There are tons of great DIYs and inspirations floating around -- like those darling pumpkin poms pictured above. You can find the full tutorial for those here from Domestifluff.

See 4 more great DIY fall decor ideas below:

Craft up this cornhusk wreath to hang on your front door. Learn how to do it yourself on At The Picket Fence.


This cool paper pumpkin is made by repurposing the pages of an old book. Find out how it's done here from Craftberry Bush.


I really like how they made three of these grapevine wreaths to hang in a row. Full tutorial can be found at The Sweet Survival

Hang this DIY birdseed wreath, and you'll be glued to the windows watching the birdie buffet going on outside! Details here at The Mother Huddle.

Have any other fun DIY fall crafts I should know about? Share them!

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godde... goddess99

I've done the bird seed one before. We used big pinecones and covered them in peanut butter and rolled them in birdseed. It was fun.

Madel... Madelaine

Cute ideas!

kellynh kellynh

Love the pumpkin poms

MamaM... MamaMandee

Those are great, thanks! 

MamaM... MamaMandee

Create centerpieces: Kids will love creating individual centerpieces. This project is quick and easy to do ― perfect for placing on small tables and keeping little hands busy. Gather an assortment of mini pumpkins, gourds, nuts, batter-operated candles, and baskets or plates for each child. Place a large pillar candle in the middle of the basket or plate and then let each child start placing the items around the base of the candles until he or she gets the desired look.

nates... natesmom1228

Great ideas. I have used grape vine to make swags before. It's a very easy material to work with.

gacgb... gacgbaker

My daughter just did a unit about birds, she would love the birdseed wreath!

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