'True Blood' Star Alexander Skarsgard's New House Is Straight Out of '50 Shades of Grey'

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Alexander SkarsgardTrue Blood star Alexander Skarsgard purchased a new L.A. home earlier this year, and it pretty much fits the picture and definition of what anyone would imagine the ultimate bachelor pad to be.

The $1.85 million ultra-modern pad sits perched on a hillside in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles (he and KStew are neighbors!), and while the house is small by Hollywood standards at only 2,400 square feet, it definitely makes up for lack of space with its expansive views of the city.

And with its sleek lines and contemporary look, it's hard not to picture another very famous (or infamous) bachelor owning it -- Christian Grey. In fact, this place is so Fifty Shades worthy that living there could possibly make Alexander a better fit for the role of Christian in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie than he already is.

The home has plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows that are definitely reminiscent of Grey's Seattle penthouse, and the top-of-the-line modern kitchen also appears to be similar to the one described in the book. And oh yeah, one more thing -- the tub in the master bathroom appears to be large enough for two, if you catch my drift.

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This pad really does seem like the perfect place to get into Christian's character, but if Alexander doesn't wind up snagging the Fifty Shades role, he may want to think about finding a lucky lady to soften the place up a bit.

Some of the rooms could really use a woman's touch to make them more warm and cozy -- though something tells me redecorating will probably be the last thing on any girl's mind if she happens to be hanging out there with him.

What do you think of Alexander Skarsgard's new pad?


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lasombrs lasombrs

Its an amazing home. But the windows and skyline are about all it has going for being Grey's home. None of the architecture, sculpture or artwork. And He is no Christian.

Go team Ian :P

Angel Davis

He is too ugly! Team Ian!

Jessica Esque

ummm... Not so much...  ew .... Team Ian

Rosie Estrada

YUCK!!! ONLY Henry CavilL!!! mmmm

Adalia Echelmeyer

Alex doesn't have the description of a Christian Grey. Matt Bomer would make me melt and do a double take.   TEAM MATT!

nonmember avatar Ashley

once again. Just because people buy expensive houses, wear "bondage" style dresses or bras doesn't mean you have to "What would Christian think of this?" or "50 Shades of Grey worthy" label these articles or people.

nonmember avatar ccb

Sure he is a nice person and he isn't unattractive. Just not as manly as I picture Christian based on E L James description. For me, only Chris Hemsworth will do. And as a bonus his brother Liam can play.... His brother!

Tara Lynn Orbin-Huff

I have been saying that he should be the movie version of Christian Grey since I read 50 Shades of Grey. I'd go see it twice then buy the DVD! Either as a Vampire or a Millionaire Bondage Master, he has my vote.

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