Beautiful Nursery Lets Moms Pamper Themselves While Taking Care of Baby

Ever wondered what a true designer nursery looks like? I stumbled across this one from Lucas Studio based in L.A. and thought it would be fun to share. There are a lot of elements I love about this space. It's so impressive! Wouldn't everybody like to have a luxurious daybed in their nursery and a sitting area like the one pictured above?

See a few more photos below:


Side-by-side sunburst mirrors and a beautifully modern dresser-slash-changing table. These would look great in just about any room!

These complementary fabric picks are absolutely gorgeous and not what you would expect in a nursery at all. 

How about this crib? The cutouts are so interesting and are a new take on the drop-sides of the past. 

Giant pelican painting? Why not! But there are a few things here that make me pretty nervous, like those sharp-edged tables -- and is that a ceramic peacock? It's lovely, but I think small hands would make quick work of that, don't you?

So there you have it! Now you know how a professional design firm does an upscale nursery. I'm curious to hear what you think -- drool-worthy or not your cup of tea?

Would you ever get a professional interior decorator to design you a nursery like this one?

Images via Lucas Studio

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