'Modern Family' Mom Sofia Vergara Shares Her Bedroom Makeover Secrets

sofia vergara kmartSofia Vergara has the whole "hot mom" thing down, doesn't she? Both in character as the very pregnant Gloria on Modern Family and off-screen with all those sexy va-va-va-voom clothes she wears, that wardrobe malfunction "slip" at the Emmys, the voluptuous, flirty way she talks and moves ... can you tell I have a mini girl crush?

So as a sex goddess foxy celebrity mamacita, it's only natural that she help us regular old moms out in the bedroom, now, isn't it?

Get your mind out of the gutter! I don't mean THAT way. Vergara, you may have heard, now has a home line at Kmart -- much of it inexpensive bedding in rich, bold, boudoir-style tones. She told me it was designed with moms in mind.


"Moms don't have a crazy budget," the 40-year-old actress said at the recent New York launch as she sat on a bed draped in a coppery-brown duvet. "It's not going to do anything to your budget. It's livable, comfortable ... it's not just, oh we're having a party, put the good bedcovers on."

The comforter sets are very affordable, currently selling online for $17.99 to $59.99. Aside from the "Marakesh Medallion" one on display, they come in deep violet, shimmery cream, and embroidered black and have lusty names like "Floral Fantasy," "Champagne Dream," and "Black Magic."

Vergara admitted she's a "pillow person."

"My son always, like, fights with me because he wants to take the pillows off at night," she said of her 20-year-old son Manolo, giggling. "I'm like, shut up! I put them back on."

The comforters, sheets, and matching sparkly, sequined throw pillows are a cheap and easy way for moms to add a touch of sex kitten spice, a little Sofia-slash-Gloria, a little fun, to the bedroom. If those dark, bright colors are your thing, of course. They're not for everyone. Including, it turns out, the TV star herself. Vergara's own bed looks pretty different.

"This is nothing compared to what I put in my bedroom," she said coyly, batting her eyes. "My bed is usually in a beige color. Sometimes when I get bored, I have a deeper color like this -- not exactly like this, but the same tone."

The "Sofia by Sofia Vergara" home line -- an add-on to her clothing line of the same name -- also includes towels, bathroom rugs, and luggage.

Check out the hilarious and super sexy ad for all things "Sofia" below:

"It's stuff to really use and enjoy," she told me. "You can have it all day -- and have your house looking great all the time."

Would you ever buy celebrity home decor like this and redecorate with it?


Image via Kmart

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