Guy Jumps Into Frozen Pool and, Well, Just See What Happens Next (VIDEO)

german pool dude

I had a rough day yesterday. You, too? There was one thing that saved the day for me: This crazy video of a German guy jumping into a frozen pool. Did I say into? I mean onto. The pool is frozen as in frozen solid. Frozen as in "mein arsch!!!"

I watched this with my son, who had an equally rough day, and we just laughed our heads off until we cried. Then we watched the video again. And again. And again.


That's so Teutonic! I can totally see our Austrian dad friend trying to pull the same stunt. It would have been sweet if he'd broken through the surface and into the heart-stopping water below. But no. Ehrmegerd, berncing ferzen German dude.

I mean, what is he even saying before he jumps in? "Mother fucker, fuck this fucking world and my new band is called SZKLLDSCH." German guy, you keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I'll give you a hint: You say it after you break your arsch doing a cannonball onto a solid block of ice. What was the name of your new band again?

He does look great in that swimsuit, though. I'll give him that.

Have you ever pulled a crazy stunt like this only to have it backfire?


Image via MrRobcalifornia/YouTube

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