Kristen Stewart's New House Brings Her Even Closer to Robert Pattinson & It's Beautiful

Kristen Stewart

She must be pretty confident that they're really going to be together forever this time (barring any unforeseen cheating), because Kristen Stewart just bought a new house in LA located about a mile and a half from Robert Pattinson's Los Feliz home.

And I know what you're thinking -- why the heck did she buy another home when she just purchased a beach house in Malibu to share with her mother a couple months ago? Well, duh -- obviously shacking up with mommy dearest isn't exactly conducive to rekindling the flame with Rob, if you know what I mean.


But regardless of it's close proximity to Rob's pad, Kristen's new almost $2.2 million home perfectly complements her major movie star status.

With four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms in 3,361 square feet, this place has more than enough room for Kristen and Rob to spread out and reaffirm their undying love for each other. (Barf.) And judging from some of the photos of the home, the master suite in particular is quite romantic, and even has its very own terrace with views of the city skyline. (They can sit out there all night and promise to be faithful to each other.)

And the rest of the house is not too shabby either, with its chef's kitchen, massive porch with extensive views, swimming pool and landscaped gardens, and of course, a fire pit for cozying up on chilly evenings. (How quaint.)

Of course, it is kind of interesting that Kristen purchased her own home instead of moving back into the house she once shared with Rob. I guess she needed a stable crash pad to fall back on in the event that he wakes up and realizes that taking her back wasn't exactly the smartest "move" he ever made.  

Is it smart for Kristen and Robert to keep separate homes for a while?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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