Ditzy Woman Begs to Move Deer Crossing Signs Because, You Know, Why Encourage Them? (VIDEO)

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deer crossing signI've made some pretty hilarious mistakes in my day. Like, for example, when I thought "Anon" was the most prolific classical music composer we studied in my Intro to Music Theory class freshman year in high school. Fine, college. I thought that guy wrote everything! Whoops. That's why I feel kind of bad for this woman who called into a North Dakota radio station to complain about the deer crossing signs on the highway. It's a hilarious mistake along the lines of thinking Anon is a person, and not an abbreviation for "anonymous."

You see, this woman's under the incorrect impression that those signs you see on interstates with deer on them are state sanctioned areas where deer have been trained to cross the street. She doesn't realize that they're just a warning that there are deer in the area, and she wants the government to move their ill-placed deer crossing signs to somewhere, you know, a little less trafficked than, say, a four lane freeway. You just have to listen:

Very silly mistake, lady, but don't worry, I'm sure somewhere in hilarious gaffe land, Anon is moving those deer crossing signs right now as we speak.

How funny is this?? What's the silliest mistake you've ever made?


Photo via tutufunny4u/YouTube





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nonmember avatar Melissa

Wow. Obviously this woman does not like to be wrong.alcoholic?

Katriena Young

LOL!!!! OMG!!!! Really lady?

nonmember avatar Sharon

Wow that is a special kind of stupid.

kelti... kelticmom

That's not a mistake, that's a sheer and utter lack of common sense. Oy vey.

cmjaz cmjaz

I was embarrassed when in my early 20s and thought 'debris' was pronounced deb-res. Very embarrassing. Lol. But this lady has no common sense

nonmember avatar Guest

LOVE IT!!! This had me crying I was laughing so hard!

nonmember avatar nicole

It would be funny except that earlier this year it was circulating on the WEB about a guy from Indiana who had written into the local newspaper about getting the deer crossing sign moved to a quieter section of road. I happen to live in the same area as this guy and saw it in the paper. And I also read the article Yahoo wrote about this guy's ridiculously penned letter to the paper....so lady from ND is a little late with this one.

nonmember avatar James

Have you ever looked at some people and thought, "Why *that* sperm cell?"

Todd Vrancic

Can her license be revoked for utter stupidity?

Robert German

I think traffic lights should be put up instead.
I bet she'll be able to vote also.

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