5 Creative Pumpkin Carvings That You Can Do at Home (PHOTOS)


We only have a couple of weeks to go before Halloween, so if you haven't made a visit to the pumpkin patch yet, this weekend is definitely an ideal time to go with your family. And while pumpkins look great on your front stoop even if they aren't carved, giving them a bit of character is always a fun way to dress up the front of your house in the spirit of all things spooky.

Traditional jack o'lanterns are always a good, standard option, especially if pumpkin carving isn't exactly your forte. But if you really want to step outside of the box and make your house stand out from all the rest, you can put your creativity to the test by carving your pumpkin in a unique and clever way.

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Take a look at these photos to see five fun and different ways to carve your pumpkins this year.

How do you plan on carving your Halloween pumpkins?


Image via indigoprime/Flickr

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Megan Johnson

Political pumpkins?  I'd totally vote for Boba Fett. :-p

Jessica Sell Chalut

I was just gonna say something about Boba Fet! He has my vote too :D


Saphi... SaphiraJFire

I can not stand the smell of pumpkin. ew

godde... goddess99

My dh does fancy carving from templates but otherwise it's pretty simple stuff.


Madel... Madelaine

Good ideas!

Madel... Madelaine

WE did Spiderman this year.

jessi... jessicasmom1

we do simple cut outs and then roast the seeds

Bmat Bmat

I've tried to be creative but usually end up with a toothless jack o lantern. :)

count... countrygirlkat

Funny on the voting ones, lol.  We pumpkin carving kit this year and it was neat and so worth the $5.

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