My Grandfather Was Between Worlds

light tunnelStories about spirits and ghosts always freak me out. I mean -- to the point where I get really uncomfortable inside, a shiver runs up my spine, and I need to immediately stop contemplating what it really means. So when my college roommate came home from visiting her grandfather in hospice and told me he'd been talking to her deceased twin brother ... I didn't sleep all night. 

This is how she relayed the story to me, again, the other day -- it unnerved me just as it had when she first told me about it, 18 years ago:


We were at Aventura hospital (in Florida) and my grandfather was in Hospice, because he was dying. There had been moments as the weeks were unfolding that I had noticed, on several occasions, that while he was looking at me, he was also looking beside me or behind me. But I didn't think anything of it. That is, I didn't think anything of it until he actually told me to "tell Van to have a seat and to stop hanging over you." Van is my twin brother; he passed away from a terrible car accident when we were 16 years old, that was more than four years earlier.

My grandmother and I both witnessed him mention Van and we immediately looked at each other in amazement. We both got the chills, because we inherently knew that at that moment Van's presence was with us. My grandfather then proceeded to tell my grandmother that he had a very nice time earlier that day spending time with his Father ... they apparently had lunch together and talked for the entire afternoon. However, this was impossible because his father died when my grandfather was in his 30's.

It absolutely freaked my grandmother and I out because we realize now that my grandfather was in between worlds … exiting this one ... and on the verge of entering another. At least that's what a medium/psychic later mentioned to me … and it made a lot of sense. We don't run on batteries ... our spirit is the essence of God, or whatever you conceive Him to be.

It was interesting and really scary to us all at the same time. I will never forget it.

Have you ever heard anything like this before?

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Story told by Katerina Wagner 

Image via Ghostboy/Flickr

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