Woman Gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill & Company Generously Lets Her Pay Over Time


phoneTalk on the phone a lot, do you? Probably not as much as this French woman does, or so the phone company alleges. Solenne San Jose received a 12 quadrillion euro phone bill (or 15.5 quadrillion US dollars) and when she saw the amount, she knew, obviously, there had been some sort of mistake. I mean, when there are more zeros on your bill than there are words, you know you've got problems.

San Jose dialed up Bouygues Telecom expecting, you know, an apology and maybe a good laugh or something, but what she got, instead, was something not so much funny ha-ha, but more like funny living-nightmare.

The company told her that her bill could not be changed, and if San Jose liked, they could just take the money directly out of her bank account. Then, after some "frantic phone calls", the phone company agreed, finally ... to let her pay using an installment plan.

L.O. mother trucking L.

Things eventually got worked out and San Jose only ponied up the 117 euros she owed, but believe it or not, this isn't the first time a poor soul has ever received a hilariously erroneous bill.

A woman in Colorado got a water bill for $50,000 due to a broken meter, and a Chicago area family was billed $107,000 for one month's electricity. The electric company thought they used over 1.6 million kilowatts, which, come on, only the Christmas light-loving Griswalds could rack up a bill like that.

I'd like to see my phone, electric or cable company charge me hundreds of thousands, if not quadrillions, of dollars. Go ahead, try and take that out of my bank account. Joke would be on them.

Have you ever gotten a hilariously high bill?


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work4... work4mickey

I once got a gas bill for something like $10,000 (it's usually about $30). I knew it would get fixed, because it would be impossible for us to use that much gas, and I felt I could make that point in court if I had to. But there were no issues, I calmly called gas company (my husband was freaking out) & the guy I talked to wad like "yeah, that's gotta be a mistake, we'll have someone re-read your meter."

cdjak cdjak

Makes me wonder about people and how stupid they can be. I don't know what phone charges are like in France, but I would be willing to bet that even if she was on the phone 24/7 to the most expensive place in the world to call, there would not be enough minutes in your lifetime to rack up a 15 quadrillion-dollar phone bill, nevermind in a month. Doesn't anyone know how to do basic math anymore? How silly.

nonmember avatar Kay

This woman made 'frantic' phone calls? I'm hoping that her reaction is being exaggerated because if that was me and I called to have it corrected and they told me no...I'd be the one laughing hysterically over the phone. Either fix my bill, or you get nothing. There are cell phones in France.

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