One-Eyed 'Cyclops' Kitten Will Touch Your Heart, Then Break It (VIDEO)

one-eyed kittenOMG. Have you seen the video of the precious little one-eyed "cyclops" Bengal kitten who was born about a week ago yet? Because if you haven't, you're missing out on having an experience where you're so touched yet so heartbroken at the same time, it's kind of hard to process the range of emotions pouring in.

The tiny kitten, named Cleyed, was one of three babies born after his mother was rushed to the veterinarian for emergency surgery due to the horns of her uterus being twisted. When the first baby was delivered from the mama cat, one of the vet techs dried her off, and discovered that she was, indeed, a very rare one-eyed cat.


At first you'll watch this video and be astonished at how sweet and adorable little Cleyed is -- and then the "R.I.P." part comes. Try to control yourself from weeping after watching this clip.


Let me guess, you need an entire box of tissues, right? I just about did, because I found it next to impossible to get over the heartbreak of such an incredible creature being born and only surviving for a matter of minutes. (The poor little thing!)

But even though her time on Earth was brief, little Cleyed will no doubt leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears her story. It's simply impossible not to be moved by something so rare. However, there's always a silver lining -- the mama cat and her other two kittens did survive and are doing just fine. (But it's just so sad that this little beauty didn't make it too!)

Did this video break your heart?


Image via absoluteangels1/YouTube

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