6 Gorgeous Gold Accents That Will Turn Your Home Into a Palace

I'm not sure I ever thought I'd see the triumphant return of gilded gold, but here it is, back and MUCH better. When done right I think it can add an interesting layer of depth and warmth to any room! 

See 5 more gilded gold accent inspirations below:


Giant gold mirrors are kind of amazing (even bathroom ones), and I'll go ahead and take that chandelier too.  

Don't be afraid of gilded gold! See how great it looks against that turquoise tile?

A gilded gold bed? Yes please! It's ornate sure, but don't forget beautiful and timeless too.

I'm really digging the arrangement of gilded gold frames and mirrors in this white stairwell. It somehow manages to look eclectic and perfectly arranged all at the same time. 

After seeing these lovely spaces what do you think? Ready to incorporate some gilded gold into your life or what?

Images via French Country Living, Eclectic Revisited, Freshome, Glamamamma, This Is Glamorous

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