'Ultimate Dog Shaming' Will Make You Laugh So Hard You Should Be Ashamed (VIDEO)


dog shamingI don't know about your dog, but my dog has something of a guilt complex -- and from the look on Maymo the Lemon Beagle's face, this is a common canine condition. So Maymo probably didn't even need the additional humiliation of being forced to star in a "dog-shaming" video, but that's okay ... because his "ashamed" face is really, really funny.

Especially when paired up with signs clearly spelling out what Maymo did wrong: "I broke a Slinky while trying to wear it as a headband" is my personal favorite. Just like those signs people make their kids wear in public as a disciplinary measure! (Except not at all, because those aren't actually funny.)

Here's how Maymo's owner explains the video:

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"Maymo the Lemon Beagle is caught on film making very poor choices. This dog steals, destroys, and breaks all sorts of things before he gets caught and ultimately 'shamed' for his skullduggery. Inspired by the site 'Dog Shaming,' where you can find more doggies being shamed for their poor behavior."

Check out the part where he steals a pretzel from a goat!

I still can't figure out what the rolling around in pickles thing is all about, though.

Does your dog have a guilt complex?


Image via crackrockcandy/YouTube

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Zamaria Zamaria

LOL! Yeah, my dog knows when she did a no-no. She goes to time out and sticks her nose in the corner. When she does that I know I have to go find whatever she got into or whatever mess she made. Love dogs!

Shannon Beranek

The only time my beagle shows his "I made trouble" face is when he's sick and poops in the bathroom.  He knows he's not supposed to in the house (and at least he chooses the bathroom), but he does get a pass for being sick.  Now, when he broke into the pantry and ate an entire box of Ghiridelli dark chocolate brownie mix (Family size), he was all "Look! I killed it dead!!!!"  and then "ooh, I don't feel so well, but still killed it dead!!!"  That warranted him a stay in the doggie ICU.

thatg... thatgirl70

Cute, but would be more amusing if the stunts weren't staged. :p Though the pickle thing looked like something the dog actually did on it's own. :p

WifeM... WifeMomStudent

Beagles love love love to roll around in stinky stuff! Mine found a fish net the neighbor had & stunk for days lol

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