Little Yappy Lap Dog Pulls a ‘Lassie’ & Saves Endangered Owner’s Life

lhasa apso
Not Toby
Here's a little something that will warm your heart right up this nippy -- depending where you live -- October afternoon. A man's life was just saved by his real-life Lassie dog. Except the "Lassie" wasn't a Border Collie, it was a Lhasa Apso, which makes this whole thing all the more cute.

Here's what happened: Eighty-one-year-old Derek Ramsden slipped and fell from a small ridge and sank into a pile of thick mud while he was in a park with his wife and two doggies, Bruno, a Staffie, and Toby, the Lhasa.

Having better things to do with his time than save his owner's life, Bruno walked away. But Toby -- ah, Toby. He's a brave little Lhasa with a heart of gold.


Toby ran to security guards to get help. No, really. The little guy sprinted a quarter of a mile away to the alert security staff. He barked and barked until the staff followed him to where Derek was. According to park maintenance manager Ben Thompson: "Without the dog we would not have known he was there. That dog certainly has something about it." And according to Derek, he has his pup to thank for his life. He said: "He's my very own Lassie. He saved my life and I'm very grateful."

Man, that's a good story. So cute. So uplifting. So the exact opposite of what my dog would do if this happened to me. And I have a shih tzu, a close relative of the Lhasa! Why didn't my dog come with the "instinct to save" gene? There isn't a doubt in my mind that he'd just traipse around my quickly sinking body, looking for rabbit poop to eat. You're right, it's probably my fault. We didn't train him.

So, there you have it, guys. An adorable and sweet pet story for you. Now go home and give your doggies and kitties a treat -- even if they don't listen for shit like my pup!

Has your pet ever saved you from something?

Image via bee wolf ray/Flickr

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