Family Reunited With Dog After 5 Years & Maybe the World Isn't Such a Terrible Place

huskyBefore I tell you about Shakira the Siberian Husky, let me ask you: Have you had a good cry yet today? You know the kind of hearty sob session I'm talking about -- just the sort of unbridled boo-hoo-hoo you need at the end of a long Monday like this one. Well, anyway, if you haven't ... read this and weep, my friends. (In the best possible way!)

Because when Shakira disappeared from her Georgia home 5 years ago, her owners were afraid they would never, ever see her again. Even though Shakira had been outfitted with a $15 microchip which was supposed to prevent just this sort of thing from happening. (Unfortunately, workers at the Georgia animal shelter where Shakira originally showed up didn't find the microchip.) In fact, Shakira might have been euthanized at that shelter! Thankfully, Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue stepped in ...


Free Spirit had an adoption all set up for Shakira in Illinois -- but at the last minute, one of the workers found the microchip! HOORAY!!!

Can you imagine how Heather Jackson, Shakira's original owner back in Georgia, must have felt when she got the phone call?! So happy that she and her brother drove over 700 miles overnight to pick up the 6-year-old dog! Even though as soon as they got there, Jackson had to turn right back around and drive 14 hours straight so she could go to work.

Although I'm sure her 3 overjoyed children were more than happy to take over and shower Shakira with 5 years worth of hugs and kisses. Yay! Everybody's happy! The dog is back! (Are you crying?!)

What would you do if your lost dog suddenly turned up after 5 years?


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