Amazing Dog Follows Owner's Scent Two Miles to Hospital (VIDEO)

If this story doesn't make you tear up, then you've got cement in your tear ducts and you need to have them looked at, ASAP! We hear a lot about the loyal bond between dogs and their owners -- dogs finding their way home after years; dogs saving their owners from fires and heart attacks and taking bullets during robberies. From the overflowing files of Dogs Are So Much Better Than Humans comes another heartwarming story of a loving, loyal pooch. It all started when John Dolan lay in a Long Island hospital recovering from minor surgery ...


John's pooch, a white husky named Zander, who was "starved" when adopted by John and his wife seven years ago from a shelter, is a sentimental sort. "He's really needy and emotional," says Mrs. Dolan.

"He makes me feel loved and he knows I love him," says John. Sniff.

In fact, while John was in the hospital, Zander apparently moped around, and even lay on John's empty bed and chair, "depressed" and "crying." Aww, wouldn't it be nice if everyone got this upset when you were sick?

Then shortly into John's hospital stay, Zander went missing. He apparently has a bit of a history of escaping -- not suprisingly because Zander sounds like just the kind of tortured soul who needs his freedom, man.

John was lying in his hospital bed when a most unexpected call came in -- a man who said he had Zander. The man explained that he found Zander wandering the grounds where he worked. And where did the man work, do you say?

At the hospital! The very hospital where John lay that second.

Zander has not only escaped from his house but had walked the two miles -- which contained several busy roads -- to the hospital where John was recovering.

The Dolans think that Zander may have tracked John's scent. They swear they never had taken him to the hospital in the past. John says that Zander's loyalty to him is just beginning to sink in now, but he's touched and grateful to have such a loving pooch. John is now home, and so is Zander, and heaven forbid these two are ever separated again!

Has your pet ever shown unbelievable loyalty to you?

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