A Few Simple Steps May Mean Never Having a Bad Work Day Again (VIDEO)

Karen WalrondPhotographer, writer, and all around amazing human being Karen Walrond is exceptionally inspiring. As someone who went from a successful career in corporate law to finding her passions for speaking, writing, and "shooting" (photography) and making that equally successful, she is someone we should all emulate career-wise.

But of course, Walrond would say (and rightly so) it's not about her. It's about us. This week, the CafeMom Studios Karen Walrond Show centered around finding our passion and making that our lives.

Sadly, how many of us can say that we do what we love? See below:


As a writer and editor who gets paid to write about things that interest me with a staff of pretty amazing women, I can honestly say I feel blessed. I did follow my passion. But it wasn't always so.

I worked the slog-fest jobs where I hated going in every morning. I dreaded Sunday night because the weekend was over and I loved Fridays.

Having passion for your career means no more cases of "the Mondays" and no more "TGIF" calls. When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work and you don't say you are "working for the weekend." It's a blessed life.

But one person's passion isn't another's. For Walrond, finding her own passion meant writing a list of the things she loved. Literally, she wrote down EVERYTHING, and from there, she saw a pattern emerge. But her guest, Marla Aaron, found her passion in industrial design and jewelry making.

We spend about 40+ hours of our week engaged in work. If it can be something we love, then we will love our lives. They will have meaning. And we will not dread the way we spend most of our lives.

Do you do what you are passionate about?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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