Pauly D. Leaves 'Jersey Shore' for a Place He Can Really Sin

Pauly DNow that Jersey Shore Season 6 is officially done filming, the cast members aren't wasting any time in moving on with their lives -- and moving far, far away from Seaside Heights. Snooki is shacking up with baby Lorezno and Jionni in his parents' basement, while Ronnie and Sammi are enjoying all the suburbs have to offer out in Palisades, New York.

And now Pauly D. is packing up and getting out of dodge too -- but he's going a step further and leaving the east coast altogether. (For real?!?) Yep -- Pauly is relocating to a place with a reputation so crazy it makes the Jersey Shore look like a dry county in the middle of nowhere.


Pauly is heading straight for Las Vegas, and it doesn't sound like he'll be turning back once he's settled in Sin City. I mean, how can a young, single reality TV star who plenty of people know and love go wrong by moving to a place where nightlife is basically the end-all-be-all?

And I highly doubt Pauly will have a tough time finding a well paying gig once his move is complete, especially since he already worked as a DJ in residence for the Palms Casino back in 2011. I'm sure they'd jump at the chance to hire him, along with a whole host of other hot spots on or near the Strip.

There are plenty of gorgeous neighborhoods surrounding Las Vegas, but if I had to guess, I'd say Pauly won't stray too far from the action when selecting a pad to call home. There are plenty of fancy condos right on The Strip, some of which are even part of some of the city's most famous casinos. Other than The Palms, perhaps a condo at Vdara at CityCenter near the Bellagio is a good spot for Pauly. Or maybe shacking up at one of the residences at the Mandarin Oriental would be more his speed. Or maybe he'll just go for an apartment complex nearby with a really swanky pool area?

But wherever he winds up, his place is sure to be a bit more urban and modern than where his Jersey Shore roomie Vinny plans to call home. Vinny just purchased a house on Staten Island -- but it's no bachelor pad. His mother and sisters will be living in the main part of the house, while Vinny will be holed up in a separate apartment on the lower level. (Wonder how long it will take before he's on a plane to pay Pauly D. a visit?)

Are you surprised that Pauly is moving to Vegas?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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