Yorkie Puppies Are So Stinkin' Cute You'll Want a Truckload of 'Em! (VIDEO)

yorkie puppiesAwwww, puppies!! PUPPIES. All puppies are adorable, but Yorkie puppies are super-adorable. They look like little teddy bears! But better, because they're alive and bouncy and responsive and do that cute head tilt-y thing when they're curious about stuff. And they're especially super-adorable when they're trying to make music on an iPad, like these little guys. Awwww!

The cutest part is when they get all frantic with their little paws: Music! More music more music more music!!


I swear this just makes me want to buy a whole truckload of Yorkies. Plus a second truckload of iPads. Like, how could you ever be sad for a second of your life if you were surrounded by such puppy hijinks?!

Just watch:

See, I wasn't even exaggerating!! I bet you're about to google "how to order truckload of Yorkies," aren't you? I wouldn't blame you if you did, y'know.

Are these the cutest puppies you've ever seen?


Image via zugletev/YouTube

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