Bad Dog Is Forced to Pay for Her Actions Despite Kryptonite-Like Cuteness (VIDEO)

dog shamingNot sure if you've noticed, but there's a trend going around lately. A trend where parents make their kids wear a sign, confessing to some "bad" thing they did. Be it because they got caught smoking marijuana or they "stole" from their family, "kid shaming" seems to be all the rage these days. But what about pet shaming? Has anyone ever given thought to that. Well, one family has. And it's about time! I mean, dogs can do jerkish things, too. What, you think telling them "no" is sufficient when they chew up your shoes and pee all over your rug? I think not. The only way they'll really learn is by donning a sign that spells out the crime they're guilty of. Small dogs and rescues not exempt.

Here's a video of a chihuahua named Daisy standing next to signs that spell out all the awful things she's done. Yes, it's set to music. And, yes, it's the cutest thing you'll see all day.


Awww. Kind of makes the whole sign-wearing thing seem pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Also, kind of makes you realize that, man, pets get away with murder. Who else would we allow to poop in our bed, bite our boss's neck, and pretty much eat anything in sight? These furry creatures really do have us in the palm of their paws, don't they?

Does your pet get away with murder? What's the worst thing your pet ever did?


Image via ThePetCollective/YouTube

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