'Real Housewife' Taylor Armstrong Forced Out of Mansion & Facing Homelessness

Taylor ArmstrongShe may have been living in the lap of luxury while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now Taylor Armstrong is about to find herself without a place to call home. It seems the landlord she's been renting her 4,800-square-foot Los Angeles home from has decided it's time to unload the place.

And basically that means Taylor and her daughter are being kicked to the curb and are being forced to find a new place to live.


And it sounds like the sellers are hoping to cash in on the fact that a reality TV star has called their pad home for the past few years, because they've listed it for a whopping $3.7 million. Considering how bad the housing market is these days, coupled with the fact that they only paid $1.65 million for it back in 2006, I'd say they definitely intend on using Taylor's celeb status to their advantage.

I guess $3.7 million isn't that hefty of a price tag for Beverly Hills -- but wait a minute -- this house isn't exactly in Beverly Hills. It's actually in Holmby Hills, which I'm guessing doesn't carry the same street cred as having a Beverly address. (But then again, I'm an east coaster, not a Californian. What do I know about the L.A. suburbs?)

Renting can often be so much more appealing than purchasing a home and dealing with a mortgage payment, but I guess the downside is having someone else determine when it's time for you to move out. Luckily, Taylor doesn't seem too fazed by having to uproot. She's keeping a positive attitude and says, "It's been a fabulous home for my family, and I'm looking forward to something new and stunning for [my daughter] and me."

I guess in her case, change is a very good thing.

Have you ever been forced out of a rental?


Image via Bravo

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