Miracle Dog Who Survived an 11-Mile Trip in the Grille of a Car Still Needs His Happy Ending

dog in grillAs a dog lover and companion to my little furry friend, I can't imagine my sweet buddy getting hit by a car. I also can't imagine him getting hit by a car, stuck in the front grille, and then transported 11 miles into a neighboring state, surviving with only a hurt bladder and a concussion. In fact, I can't imagine ANY dog surviving that.

Strangely enough, this is exactly what happened to a dog from Taunton, Massachusetts. Police are still trying to find his owner, but the little guy survived quite a harrowing journey. The driver apparently slammed on her brakes when she saw him run into the road, but then assumed she hadn't hit him.

It wasn't until later, when someone pulled her over in Providence (11 miles from where she hit him), that she realized he was stuck in her grille. He was fine, but his owners have yet to be located.


How heartbreaking is that? This poor guy survives a horrific ordeal. He is hurt and scared, just wanting to be in front of a warm fire with his family somewhere and NO ONE can find them. My heart just breaks for him.

If you have ever had and loved a dog, then you know how much a part of the family these little guys become. Somewhere in Massachusetts, one has to assume there is a family missing their dog, and somewhere in Rhode Island, there is a dog missing his family.

We can't let this stand! This guy needs to be home. Besides, if I were his family, I would just want to have him around me forever. After all, not only is he a precious member of the family, he is also damn lucky.

Maybe this family will win the lottery next or find gold in their attic! Whatever it is, I hope it happens AFTER they locate their dog in Rhode Island. My guess is he misses them terribly.


Has your dog ever survived something amazing?


Image via HighTechDad/Flickr

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