Ronnie & Sammi Leave the 'Jersey Shore' & We May Never See Them Again

Ronnie and SammiMost reality stars have a pretty hard time living their lives out of the spotlight once the cameras stop rolling, and that's why it seems kind of strange that Jersey Shore lovebirds Ronnie and Sammi have chosen to live in the middle of nowhere as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city.

The couple officially moved in together after their last season in Seaside Heights wrapped up filming, but instead of shacking up in a pad in New York City or Jersey, Ronnie and Sammi are living all the way out in Palisades, New York.


Palisades, New York? Where in the heck is Palisades, New York? Well, it's about 45 minutes outside of the Big Apple, and it's basically small-town suburbia at its best. And while it does have its very own post office and nursing home, it really doesn't sound like there's too much else in the way of commercial hangouts.

Of their decision to start their lives together in a more remote area, Ronnie said that they "enjoy their privacy." Well, if privacy is what they're after, then they'll probably be pretty happy in their new neighborhood.

Hmm. I really just don't get these two. They were already one of the most boring couples to ever grace the screens of reality TV while they were on Jersey Shore, so how is it possible that they've become even bigger homebodies than they were in Seaside Heights?

You'd think that they'd prefer to be closer to the action so they could enjoy nice dinners out and maybe even a little nightlife now and then -- but maybe the lure of bars and nightclubs is what kept them out of the city in the first place?

Whenever these two have had trouble before, partying and booze have usually been involved. Maybe they figure by getting out of dodge and moving to a place where there's no temptation to get into mischief, they'll have a better chance of maintaining their relationship for good this time. (Yeah, that makes sense. That HAS to be it.)

Do you think Ronnie and Sammi will survive their boring life in the suburbs?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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