Dog Owner Talks to Pet Psychic & What She Finds Is Dead-On

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MickeyI've never really been a "dog person" -- until I got my dog Mickey. Now, five years later, I'm like one of those people who whips out their wallet to show strangers pictures of their children, only they're not pictures of children. They're pictures of my 80-pound German Shepherd/Black Lab mix. I can't help it. He's my little baby. He can do no wrong.

So when I was offered the chance to have a "pet psychic" reading to tell me what was going on in Mickey's head, I thought, Wow, this is going to be awesome. I can't wait to hear what he has to say! Sure, I was kind of skeptical, but a co-worker had gone to the same person a few years ago and said it was absolutely incredible.

Well, I had my psychic reading over the phone the other day, and let me tell you ... the things I learned will knock you out of the dog park.

I was amazed to find out that my dog ...

Loves to go for walks. Woah -- that IS true. Mickey LOVES walks. How did the psychic know that? I can't think of any other dog that loves to go for walks!
This is Mickey being conceited.

Likes to eat chicken. Hmm, well considering that my dog will literally eat rocks if you put them in front of him, I think it's safe to say that he'll be more than pleased with any kind of meat. But still, absolutely shocked to hear that. It's so rare for dogs to like meat!

Loves his toys. Shut ... the ... front ... door.

Loves when I pet him and kiss him. Does this pet psychic have a hidden camera in my house or something? I always kiss and pet him and he adores it! Unreal.

Loves my mom. That's right -- Mickey just loves my mom. He loves when she takes him for walks, too. Again, FLOORED.

Loves my brother. Well, she said he loves the male figure in the house. I guessed my brother and I was RIGHT. Maybe I'm a psychic, too.

Loves ME. *Wipes tear* Love you too, Mick.
This is Mickey striking a pose.

Loves his dog bed. Wow. She really went out on a limb here and guessed that he had a dog bed. What if he didn't have a dog bed?! Now THAT would have been embarrassing!

Is it just me, or could I have Googled "things dogs like" and found out the same exact information?

On the other hand, my co-worker who recommended this pet psychic had a much different experience. The woman knew very specific things about her dog and what was going on at home, and her reading was eerily insightful and accurate.

Maybe it's my fault for expecting so much. I was kind of hoping my dog would say: Hey lady, why don't you put on some clothes when you walk around the house? And why don't you stop talking to me like I'm a toddler? I'm just a dog. And stop singing while you're at it -- you're not good. Now, then I'd believe this whole thing was true. But maybe she was having an off day. Maybe my reading wasn't the norm.

Don't get me wrong -- the pet psychic was a delight to talk to, and she's got to be doing something right since she's a renowned animal communicator. So maybe it's just that pet psychic readings aren't my thing. From now on, I'll stick to guessing what my dog is thinking.

Be right back -- taking Mickey for a walk! (HE LOVES WALKS.)

Do you believe in pet psychics -- or psychics in general?

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the4m... the4mutts

No, I don't. But hey, sometimes they can be fun!

This was a really cute read :)

Oh, and you? If that's you in the picture up there, Are absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

nonmember avatar Mike M

I've been able to communicate with spirits for the past 4 years (I gained the ability after seeking out evidence that ghosts are real [I read several hundred of the ghost stores at with my focus being on the commonalties between all of the different individual experiences; I was open-minded but skeptical prior to that] and then seeking out information from spiritually knowledgeable people by reading various books from mediums [Sylvia Browne, Anthony Borgia, Neale Donald Walsch, James van Praagh, William Stainton Moses, and one about channeling your spirit guide {there are many such books if you look} by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer]) and one thing I've learned is that if someone's soul needs to learn to be open and receptive to the spiritual aspect of life then they will not be presented with much or any information that will lead them to believe that there is more to life than just the physical.

It would be nice if life revolved us and our desires (e.g., for evidence of anything and everything spiritual, etc.), but it doesn't. Life revolves around our soul's needs and desires. (Spirits want to become more enlightened and that takes work. We want life to be easy and pleasant and that often goes against what is best for our soul.) This likely won't change anytime soon for most people so the best thing one can do for their soul is to put the effort into educating yourself about the spiritual aspect of life rather than expect others to do that for you.

Erika NW Goodall

Dang.. I would LOVE to know what my rabbit- Groucho Marx, is thinking about. But $300 is a bit pricey.

nonmember avatar Mike M

Erika, we've had a couple cats since I began communicating with spirits (namely my spirit guide) and I've communicated with them on a number of occasions through my spirit guide (which typically entailed me wondering if they were hungry or wanted to go outside), and they don't really have anything to say to us in general but they do experience emotions (which should be clear enough to us by observing their behavior).

And I didn't look at the price earlier but I personally would say that $300 for 30 minutes is way too expensive for this (especially as there doesn't appear to be a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied). Mediums and intuitives my mom knows typically charge around $60-120 per half-hour so $300 is way up there. (I personally don't see this service as being worth more than about $20 for mammals and maybe birds, and perhaps $10 for reptiles.) (And there shouldn't be any reason that a normal medium can't convey information about pets [alive or in spirit - pets do live beyond death and we can be with them again after we die] so if one's interested in that they can ask the person if they can convey information about one or more pets. [Spirits {of people} can read the minds of animals {and people} and convey that information to us via words that the medium says to us so what is conveyed depends on what the spirit doing the reading of the animal conveys to us and what the medium feels like saying.])

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

mike m I'm very interested in that sort of stuff...message me

rubyb... rubybabypsychic

I read on animals as well as all areas i do both online readings and via chat too but also if in Michigan in person I have 25 years experience doing psychic readings. I specialize in trying to conceive readings, genders, love, past lives, passed over loved ones, pets, and many more areas. I also have conception bracelets and both readings and bracelets have a 98% accuracy rate. Many woman have conceived from my bracelets some been ttc 10 years, some 8, some 6, some both online, email readings for those out of Michigan and for those in Michigan I also do in person readings and parties. 

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