Dog Owner Talks to Pet Psychic & What She Finds Is Dead-On

MickeyI've never really been a "dog person" -- until I got my dog Mickey. Now, five years later, I'm like one of those people who whips out their wallet to show strangers pictures of their children, only they're not pictures of children. They're pictures of my 80-pound German Shepherd/Black Lab mix. I can't help it. He's my little baby. He can do no wrong.

So when I was offered the chance to have a "pet psychic" reading to tell me what was going on in Mickey's head, I thought, Wow, this is going to be awesome. I can't wait to hear what he has to say! Sure, I was kind of skeptical, but a co-worker had gone to the same person a few years ago and said it was absolutely incredible.

Well, I had my psychic reading over the phone the other day, and let me tell you ... the things I learned will knock you out of the dog park.


I was amazed to find out that my dog ...

Loves to go for walks. Woah -- that IS true. Mickey LOVES walks. How did the psychic know that? I can't think of any other dog that loves to go for walks!
This is Mickey being conceited.

Likes to eat chicken. Hmm, well considering that my dog will literally eat rocks if you put them in front of him, I think it's safe to say that he'll be more than pleased with any kind of meat. But still, absolutely shocked to hear that. It's so rare for dogs to like meat!

Loves his toys. Shut ... the ... front ... door.

Loves when I pet him and kiss him. Does this pet psychic have a hidden camera in my house or something? I always kiss and pet him and he adores it! Unreal.

Loves my mom. That's right -- Mickey just loves my mom. He loves when she takes him for walks, too. Again, FLOORED.

Loves my brother. Well, she said he loves the male figure in the house. I guessed my brother and I was RIGHT. Maybe I'm a psychic, too.

Loves ME. *Wipes tear* Love you too, Mick.
This is Mickey striking a pose.

Loves his dog bed. Wow. She really went out on a limb here and guessed that he had a dog bed. What if he didn't have a dog bed?! Now THAT would have been embarrassing!

Is it just me, or could I have Googled "things dogs like" and found out the same exact information?

On the other hand, my co-worker who recommended this pet psychic had a much different experience. The woman knew very specific things about her dog and what was going on at home, and her reading was eerily insightful and accurate.

Maybe it's my fault for expecting so much. I was kind of hoping my dog would say: Hey lady, why don't you put on some clothes when you walk around the house? And why don't you stop talking to me like I'm a toddler? I'm just a dog. And stop singing while you're at it -- you're not good. Now, then I'd believe this whole thing was true. But maybe she was having an off day. Maybe my reading wasn't the norm.

Don't get me wrong -- the pet psychic was a delight to talk to, and she's got to be doing something right since she's a renowned animal communicator. So maybe it's just that pet psychic readings aren't my thing. From now on, I'll stick to guessing what my dog is thinking.

Be right back -- taking Mickey for a walk! (HE LOVES WALKS.)

Do you believe in pet psychics -- or psychics in general?

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