Dog Breastfeeds Tiny Kitten Abandoned by Its Mom (VIDEO)

dog nurses cat

If you need a good dose of good old-fashioned adorable-ness to round out your day, then you don't want to miss hearing the story of Mittens, a Pekingese dog who adopted an abandoned kitten as her own "baby" -- even going so far as to nurse the poor little cat back to health.

The tiny gray kitten was found in Mittens' owner Pat Weber's barn in Minnesota, and at first she wasn't even sure it was alive. She wrapped the cat in a warm towel and it began meowing -- and that's when Mittens came to the rescue and started licking and cuddling the kitten as if it were her own pup.


And if offering the cat (now lovingly named Bootsie) wasn't a kind enough gesture, Mittens even allowed the kitten to try to nurse -- and incredibly, she started producing milk a few days later.

Take a look at this video clip to see for yourself just how strong maternal instincts can be -- even toward a baby of a different species!

Isn't this one of the purest, sweetest things you've ever seen? Mittens instinctively knew that Bootsie needed a mom, and it's almost like the two of them were meant to find each other. Who says dogs and cats can't get along?

Have you ever had your dogs and cats interact in a loving way?


Image via CBS News

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