'Real Housewife' Adrienne Maloof Will Soon Be Slumming It (VIDEO)

Adrienne Maloof mansion

Now that her marriage to Dr. Paul Nassif is officially over (she's even got herself a restraining order against him), The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is selling her luxurious mansion, and moving on to a new, less extravagant lifestyle. Or at least that's what we assume she's doing, because there's really no other reason someone would unload a house this amazing unless they simply couldn't afford it anymore.

The Beverly Hills mansion is listed at a whopping $26 million, and considering the couple bought the home for $12.078 million back in 2004, they do stand to make a pretty nice profit if it sells anywhere near the asking price.


But even if Adrienne does wind up with some extra cash in her pocket, going from an 8-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion to anything remotely smaller is a major downgrade no matter how you look at it. When you're used to all that space, plus a home theater, pool, tennis court, and marble and all that lavish stuff, it's pretty hard to find another place that's even close to comparable.

Sigh. It appears that with this move, poor Adrienne will be forced into the lifestyle of a "normal" rich person -- instead of living the lifestyle that only the insanely wealthy have the pleasure of enjoying. And typically, "normal" rich people still live in million-dollar homes -- but somehow I'm guessing most aren't dwelling in anything quite this ornate. OMG. What if she winds up settling for granite countertops instead of marble and a community swimming pool instead of a private one? (Gasp! That's just way to painful to even consider.)

And one thing she'll REALLY miss is her ridiculously huge shoe closet, which you can see in this video clip.

Where do you think Adrienne will settle down next?

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