Miraculous Beagle Falls 70-Feet From a Bridge & Lives (VIDEO)

beagleIt's often said that cats have nine lives. No one ever said that about a beagle. But they might feel differently about a very brave (and very lucky) little beagle named Brandi. Last week, Brandi jumped off a bridge in New Jersey, fell 70 feet, and managed to swim out.

Brandi's owner Alexis Lorenz was relieved and happy to find her alive. The dog escaped off the leash during a walk with her husband. She didn't see the dog fall, but was close behind, in her bathrobe, trying to find her. She assumed she was lost for good after the fall. But late that night, they found her, shivering and bruised, but otherwise healthy. Amazing.

As a dog lover and mommy to one chihuahua with cancer who may only have a few months left, I feel this story deeply. Beagles are described as a "hardy" breed and it makes me sure I want to get one. See below:


Sometimes the worst part of being a dog mom is that we know it will not last forever. We know our time is finite, and though we try like hell to protect our baby dogs, we know we will be lucky to get 15-18 years from them.

Rocky was my first dog and I have now been his mom for 10 years. He was a rescue and was about 3 when we got him. I have to say, the pain of imminent loss makes me (almost) sorry we even ever had a dog. I think I imagined he would last forever.

I know, though, that I will never be able to live without a dog again. So the next time I am going for a hardy rescue beagle like Brandi.

Maybe a dog can't live forever, but if he or she can survive a fall like that, I know my friend will be in my life a bit longer. I am so happy for Brandi's owner that she got her sweet girl back and I am sure she is buying Brandi a harness as we speak.

All is well that ends well. Lucky dog. Lucky owner.

Have you had a beagle?


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