Soldier Returns From Iraq & Gets Adorably Touching Greeting From Dog (VIDEO)

military dogFew things in life are more touching than a military homecoming. The sight of two people being reunited after one was off fighting for our country is enough to make the coldest person's heart explode. But sometimes homecomings aren't between two people -- they're between a soldier and his or her dog. And I've gotta say, they're almost equally touching.

A St. Bernard named Jasmine missed her "daddy" terribly while he was in Iraq. So much so that she searched for him every day for a year while he was gone. Every time she heard a noise outside, she would rush over to the door in hopes that he would be there -- and when he wasn't, she would mope away.

But. One day Jasmine's daddy did walk through the door. And it was awesome.


Too cute. The way Jasmine "hugs" her owner is so sweet.

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There really are few greetings in this world that can rival that of one from a dog. No matter what you do, or how long you're gone for, they're always excited to see you when you get back. They'll give you unconditional love until the day they die -- and not ask for much in return. Think of how many people you know like that.

Are you feeling warm and fuzzy? Does your dog always get excited to see you?

Image via JacqueTIME49/YouTube

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