Adorable Koala's Daring Escape From Gaping Hole Is a Total Nail Biter (VIDEO)

pandaReady for an overdose of cuteness? Behold -- the most determined, tenacious koala you have undoubtedly ever seen. Trapped in a deep, dark, scary mineshaft, this little guy is like the furry, woodland version of the Little Engine That Could. He just won't give up, even when escape seems almost impossible.


Students in Australia came across the little animal as he struggled to get free. They tried to help, tossing down leaves for him to eat and then lowering down a big branch so that the koala could climb out. He makes his way above ground and appears to be in the clear, but to the horror of everyone watching, he stumbles and plummets back into the hole.

At his second attempt, the students can be heard cheering him on, encouraging the creature to keep going. He makes it to the top and -- though it looked like he would drop once again -- he clung to a tree for dear life and finally made it out. A total nail biter.

Check out the kaola's exciting escape:

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