Man Gets 'Attacked' by World's Most Lovable Bear (VIDEO)

bear attackNobody wants to get attacked by a grizzly bear. Unless, of course, the grizzly bear is as tiny and cute as this little guy. A man in Russia encountered this incredibly playful cub while out at a park in the wilderness. And as you'll see for yourself in a moment here, the most adorable squee-worthy "bear attack" followed. Eek! This man almost died! From cuteness! If you do one thing today, watch this video, people!






This is simply too much. Seriously, no cute animal videos ever need to be posted on the Internet again -- this is one of the most adorable things ever. Did you see the way this little fur ball was "hugging" the guy's leg? So sweet. Probably wouldn't be so sweet if he was full-grown, but for now? Precious!

How insanely cute is this?


Image via MeanwhileRussia/YouTube

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