Reese Witherspoon Totally Used Robert Pattinson to Help Sell Her Gorgeous Ranch

Reese Witherspoon ranch

After hearing the news that Reese Witherspoon has put her sprawling Ojai, California ranch up for sale to the tune of $10 million -- I can't help but think that her timing for listing the place couldn't possibly be more perfect.

Yes, I said Reese Witherspoon's ranch in Ojai, California -- as in the ranch that was featured on the cover of the September issue of ELLE Decor, and the one that Robert Pattinson was said to be shacking up in right after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal broke.

(Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks she couldn't have possibly decided to sell the home at a more opportune time -- and that she absolutely intended to give herself a nice leg up on unloading the joint.)


When Reese described the place in ELLE Decor, it sounded like some sort of magical fairy-land that anyone would love to retreat to and partake in some much needed R&R. She said, "As soon as I drive through the gate, I relax. The air is fresh, the phone isn't ringing, you can't access e-mail. Time slows down. Within an hour I'm lying on that couch taking a big fat nap. It's like having a little bit of Tennessee in California."

(Gee -- where do I sign? Who wouldn't want to snag a place like this to get away from the chaos and craziness of their daily life?)

And now that her third child is set to arrive any day now, you'd think that Reese would need the serenity and solitude of this place even more, so why is she selling it all of a sudden?

Duh -- obviously this is a decision that has been in the works for quite some time, though why anyone would give up a retreat like this is beyond me. And Reese is one smart cookie for not only pimping the house out in ELLE Decor before listing it, but also offering it up to Robert Pattinson as a place to go and ease his broken heart. It seemed like such a kind and thoughtful gesture at the time -- but I guess even the best deeds always have some sort of ulterior motive behind them.

That being said, she definitely piqued my interest in the ranch, and I'd have no qualms about heading to Ojai and taking a look if I had the cash. And if Reese ever decides to retire from acting, she could easily start a second career as a realtor.

Do you think it's a coincidence that Reese is selling her ranch now?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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