Sweet Grandma Builds Pink Playhouse for Granddaughter & Gets Sued

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pink playhouseSometimes I'm glad I don't own a house, because, hot dog, are there some ridiculous things that go along with it. Get this: A woman in Georgia is currently being sued because in her backyard sits a playhouse she built for her granddaughter, and she -- brace yourself -- painted it pink.

The audacity of this woman!

Becky Rogers-Peck is what I like to call "an awesome grandma." She built her 4-year-old granddaughter Aubree a highly-creative, seriously adorable pink and purple playhouse last Christmas in her backyard. Aubree loves the playhouse. Obviously. What little kid wouldn't love a pink and purple playhouse? However, Becky's homeowner's association does not. Becky's HOA is so appalled by this eye sore of a child's dream that they're suing her. See, they feel cheated that Becky didn't run the color by them. They think that this playhouse falls under the category of "backyard structure." And backyard structure colors ought to be run by the HOA, ya heard? Susan Bradley, HOA president, said: "We didn't disapprove of the playhouse. We disapproved of the color of it."

They disapprove of the color, guys.

Naturally, Rogers-Peck is pissed, and Aubree is scared. Rogers-Peck said: "Aubree knows exactly what's going on, and she is very upset about it. She is scared they might make us tear it down." (Side bar: You can't even see the structure from the street.)

You know, sometimes in life, you have to just let shit go; choose your battles, as they say. But this is one of those things, in my opinion, that should be fought (by Rogers-Peck) tooth and nail, because it's completely uncalled for and totally ridiculous. It's a child's playhouse! Would Becky had to have gotten approval on a Little Tykes house, or a swing set? News flash: Kids' crap doesn't always "go" with our homes. In fact, kids' crap is often ugly. But you don't not buy it because of that. And you definitely don't tell your neighbors not to. I understand that when you buy a house, there are rules one needs to abide by, but this takes things to the next level. As Rogers-Peck said: "They're policing us like we're in a communist country, and it's just ridiculous."

For Becky and Aubree's sake, hopefully, someone will move into their neighborhood with a dog who poops on everyone else's lawns. Maybe that will shift the HOA's attention, and get them all riled up about something else. Because clearly, these people have a lot of time on their hands.

What do you think of this?


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Keegan Murray

This kind of stupidity is the #1 complaint of HOAs.... Just HAVING an HOA can kill a real estate deal. They need to just calm down.


nonmember avatar nicki

HOA's that go that far have too much time on their hands....and they all need to mellow out and enjoy life...ugky structures and all!

Brenda Priddy

This is why we bought a home that WAS NOT HOA !!

Caity Migliaccio

Pathetic. It's for a kid. Let it go. Does the color of a damn playhouse that you CAN'T see from the street really that big of a deal? Seriously. Go bitch about someone who's grass is half an inch too long & let the girl enjoy her childhood in the pink house.

Darin Crawford

Nobody (NOBODY) should be allowed to sign-away their rights (the rights others have fought for and died to provide/preserve) to a "HOA" (Ho Authority?  That's the way I read it...)  This is AMERICA, people, and for someone think they have the right to tell someone else they can't have a pink playhouse in their own backyard (the backyard of the property on which they PAY PROPERTY TAXES) is an insult to our entire way of life.  Period.  End of conversation.

Ashley Heather Rogers

For everyone commenting about my mom "knowing the rules when she built it," There are no rules in our covenant that say anything about playground equipment. It states that sheds and outhouses have to match the house. And she is not trying to put my daughter in the middle of anything. Painting it some light brown color would break my daughter's heart. She is scared that the board is going to tear her playhouse down. The board needs to see how outrageous this is and drop the whole thing. She was kicked off the board, she did not quit. They stated that anyone in violation of the covenant could not be a board member. Yet, three people, including the president are in violation right now and nothing has been done about it. The next door neighbor, who is a board member is best friends with the president. Those were the only complaints on Aubree's playhouse. Just wanted to clear things up! Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in this crazy mess.

Ashley Heather Rogers

Everyone please go to "Let Little Aubree Play" on Facebook and show your support! Thanks again!

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