What I'm Thankful For

"Boys in Autumn" Photo by Cafe Sheri

This year, this day, I am thankful for so many things...


I believe in making regular gratitude lists, particularly when times are tough or I find myself getting wrapped up in the small stuff. I like to call these lists my G-Lists.

My Thanksgiving Day G-List:

  • Good health
  • Family and friends
  • My good, good husband
  • That my oldest son still says "thank you!" when I walk by and lay a kiss on him
  • How my youngest stopped before heading out the door for preschool the other day and said "Big kiss, mom" and waited for one
  • A nice little home
  • Poetry
  • The poetry of birds
  • Dreams and imagination and inspirations
  • Love, I get to give and receive so much

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I wish you all health and happiness and love.

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