Kim Kardashian Is the Last Person on Earth Who Should Have a Kitten

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Kim Kardashian's new kitten
Kim Kardashian's new kitten
Where's the old-timey breaking news music when you need it? Kim Kardashian just got a kitten, everyone! The reality star, who turns out to be dating Kanye West (I know, right? They've been keeping such a low-pro), tweeted a super cute photo of her brand-new Teacup Persian kitty on Sunday, along with the caption: "MY new baby Mercy!"

"Mercy", as it so happens, is also the title of the lead single off of Kanye West's soon-to-be-released album, Cruel Summer. Shocker.

In other discussions: Kim Kardashian as a pet owner. What could possibly go wrong?

Answers ahead!

Now, I'm not doubting Kim's ability to take care of another living thing outside of herself, it's just -- she's never home. Who's going to wind up feeding and petting and playing with this (ridiculously adorable) kitten most of the time? I'm guessing probably not Kim, since she's either in New York, or Miami, or London, or Dubai most of the time. It sort of isn't fair to the pet.

And while we're on the subject, she and Kanye really haven't been dating all that long -- was is really necessary to name the cat after one of his singles? If the two break up, Kim is going to be stuck with an animal named after one of her ex's songs. Bad idea jeans.

I don't doubt that this kitten will wind up living in the lap of luxury -- and, I guarantee you, he or she will have a Twitter account at some point in the near future -- but I hope the little guy is loved. Because that's way more important than a diamond-encrusted Chanel litter box any day of the week.

Do you think Kim will be a good pet owner?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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fleur... fleurdelys3110

She should have adopted from a local animal shelter.

Briana Mitchell

Aww mercy is so cute, i hope it's getting lots of love.

nonmember avatar Pishtosh

Um she doesn't even take care of herself. She has maids, cooks, all those stylist, and assistants doing all the work! They will take care of the cat not her!!!!!!!

Christina Reyna

Mercy is in all honesty kind of ugly.

nonmember avatar Cat Cox

Did Kanye also give he someone to brush the cat And empty the litter box? I can't see Kim doing that. Looking at pictures she doesn't seem very comfortable holding it. I'm guessing this cat won't spend it's whole life as a Kardashian. No way will it last 12-15 years once it starts scratching her expensive things!

nonmember avatar Kumi

I hope people keep in mind that "teacup" is a word used by backyard breeders and puppy mill owners to guise the stunted breeding of animals as "cute", instead of undernourished, deformed, and unhealthy. Keep in mind, the smaller or bigger the animal, the higher the health concerns and risks associated with it.

If you're looking for a pet, please buy from reputable breeders (one would never, ever use the word "teacup") or adopt from a shelter.

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