Snooki Gets Her Own ‘Snookiville Law’ Because She’s a Nuisance


SnookiHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the general vicinity of the location where a popular reality show was being filmed? And on that note, has the idea of having to contend with loud partying and cameras on every corner made you a bit fearful of welcoming reality TV stars with open arms?

If so, you're in luck -- because Jersey Shore's very own Snooki has inspired a new law to be drafted that aims to protect towns from the perils of living underneath a reality TV shadow. Yep -- "Snookiville Law" will "give local officials more power over reality shows filming in their area."

The law will supposedly help the town pay for additional police officers for security, and "this [bill] will help local officials make sure that the attention reality stars like Snooki and JWOWW bring to their town benefits local residents and businesses."

Wow. Who knew that Snooki could serve as such a source of inspiration to local New Jersey politicians? I guess this is one of those cases where it really pays to look for the good in everyone as opposed to judging them for past behaviors. (There's something positive in every situation, right?)

That being said, I highly doubt the new "Snookiville Law" will do much to change the minds of people who are highly opposed to living smack dab in the middle of a reality TV show. Plenty of families value their privacy more than anything else, regardless of how much extra revenue a network like MTV brings in. You really can't put a price on simple peace and quiet.

Would you be upset if a reality show landed in your neighborhood?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Miche... Michelephant

It's good that towns will have more control over where film crews are allowed to go and make provisions to hire additional temporary police officers to keep things under control.  I live in a shore town so the idea of a reality show in the area doesn't phase me.  It would be the same as any tourist season; a bunch of out of town people driving poorly because they're lost, excess traffic, and a two hour wait at your favorite restaurant (no matter the time of day).

In the end that kind of publicity, and the crowds it brings in, can give a boost to the area's local businesses.

Deanna Riley

i think its a great idea god bless all lots.of love to u anur family

Marilyn Ramos

thats crazy peple r jsut pissed its not am them !!with the real big egos !!

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